3-D Printing Workshops

Get out in front of the next industrial revolution by giving your students the skills they will need to succeed. Over the next five years, 3-D Printing will emerge as a major force of change in how we educate, design, engineer, manufacture and even practice medicine. Bring the technical skills your students will need into your classroom today. 3-D Printing is the perfect teaching tool for interdisciplinary instruction, S.T.E.A.M. integration and the joy of creative design and development. Enable your students to enter this new and exciting world with ease and confidence. “Printing” physical objects using plastic has a profound and exciting effect on kids.


3-D Printers are machines that  can manufacture nearly anything from a virtual computer model by “printing” material layer by layer producing a physical object. While at first only available for millions of dollars, as time has gone on these machines have gradually become cheaper and cheaper. Now the average person can buy a desktop 3-D Printer for between $300 and $3,000 that can generate physical objects of decent quality. This has the ability to change our lives even more than the personal computer and the Internet have. In the same way that computers have affected everything we do that involves information, 3-D Printers affect everything we do that involves interaction with physical objects. This, as you know, is almost every aspect of our life. Every job and career path will be profoundly affected by this revolutionary technology. Companies and consumers are already using 3-D Printing in world changing ways, many revolutionary examples include:


Here are just some of the things our workshops can teach you to do using 3d printing and modeling:

    • Printer set up/calibration and software installation
    • 3-D scanning / making copies of objects 
    • download and modify physical objects 
    • print architectural models and works of art 
    • Prototype design and testing / robotics design 
    • create personalized cell phone cases, bobble heads, tools etc. 
    • 3-D sculpting / modeling 
    • video game character design and printing 
    • jewelry / fashion design 
    • geographic models 
    • rocketry parts 
    • musical instruments 
    • molecular models 
    • household items / home decor / furniture models 
    • internet printing services 
    • design and printing software

Introductory 45 to 90 minute workshops or full days of hands-on training available.

Call 718-300-3342 for more information.

email us info@3dprintingedu.com

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