The Smart Schools NY Comission at Mineola Middle School

Creative 3D Printing helped repair the Makerbot 3D printer at Mineola Middle School on Oct. 27th, during Governor Cuomo, Nassau County Executive, Ed Mangano, and Google’s Eric Schmidt’s visit.  It was a great opportunity for the middle school students to show off their 3D printing skills!

Creative 3D Printing proudly supports the goals of the Smart Schools NY Commission.

The Smart Schools NY Commissions 7 Keys To Success recommendation to school districts:

1. Embrace and expand online learning which will break down geographic barriers, provide access to the best sources of instruction in the world, and level the playing field for students in rural and smaller school districts.

2. Utilize transformative technologies, such as tablets, laptops, and interactive whiteboards to deliver differentiated instruction tailored to students’ specific abilities and needs that lets them learn and advance at their own pace.

3. Connect every school to high-speed broadband using technology that is capable of scaling up over time and deliver sufficient wireless capability to serve every student.

4. Extend connectivity beyond the four walls of the classroom so students from all backgrounds have equal access to the information superhighway.

5. Provide high-quality, continuous professional development to teachers, principals, and staff to ensure successful integration of technology into the teaching and learning experience.

6. Focus on in-demand STEM skills to ensure that students graduate with 21st century skills.

7. Plan, plan and plan again.

Jon at MMS MMS 1 Pete at MMS MMS 2 MMS 4 MMS students


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